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Basque butcher's shop

 Basque butcher's shop



Do you like good meat that is the result of the work of farm producers and the rearing of animals in the open air? Our Basque butcher's shop specialises in meat from local breeds and farm production. We look forward to treating you to our selection of Basque meat.


Because many of you appreciate Basque products, Freskoa has selected for you producers who share our values and offer products of remarkable quality. Our ambition is to become your favourite Basque butcher. When available, don't miss our butcher's cuts as quantities are limited; we don't compromise on the quality of the meat we offer in the Freskoa Basque butcher's shop and we refuse mass supplies.


For our Basque butcher's shop we favour the choice of organic meat because, beyond the known criteria concerning cattle feed, it guarantees a maximum of animal welfare thanks to the breeding rules to be respected.


The beef selected by us is delivered in a vacuum. To guarantee the cold chain, your beef pieces will be shipped with Chronofresh directly from your Basque butcher's shop Freskoa.


We offer you excellent pieces of organic farm beef from the Casta, Pireneika or Béarnaise breeds in our Basque butcher's shop. This beef has been selected directly from farm producers in the Basque Country. This desire to offer you exceptional Basque products is reflected in the limited quantities available. In order to offer the best of Basque meat in our butcher's shop, we have chosen not to work with cooperatives in order to preserve a close relationship with each farm.

Organic beef entrecote

Have you chosen the entrecote? Pan-fry or grill it to your liking. As with any meat, don't forget to take your entrecote out of the fridge so that it can "regain its colour" at room temperature. Resting at room temperature before cooking, as well as resting the meat after cooking, will guarantee that you enjoy your meal.

Organic beef steak

Our steaks are first class. It's up to you to pan-fry or grill them to your liking.

Organic beef roast

Beef roast in the tenderloin, to be sliced and cooked yourself. We offer you an original recipe in the product sheet for this piece of beef that reminds us of festive Sundays with the family.

Organic beef tenderloins

A little less tender than the tenderloin, the rib eye is often tastier. Avoid trimming it before cooking, the fat will feed the meat so that it is tasty and tender. Butcher's tip: trim the fat around the edges of your tenderloin to prevent it from curling up during cooking.

Organic beef bourguignon

Your favourite Basque butcher's shop has prepared bags that allow you to prepare beef bourguignons or daubes from a piece of beef to be simmered, including low-fat meat such as chuck or chuck, gelatinous meat such as scoter or tail, and meat that is streaky, and therefore a little fatter, such as tendron or rib dish.


Basque pork, Basque black pork, Bayonne, Ibaiama, Kintoa... it is sometimes difficult to find your way around? Bayonne and Kintoa correspond to PGI and AOC for the ham for the former and for all the meat and charcuterie for the latter. Bayonne ham is made from white pigs, and the PGI covers a vast territory from the Adour basin to the Hautes-Pyrénées. Ibaiama ham is also made with white pigs, but in a limited area in the Basque Country and is matured for longer. The black Basque pig is a local species, also called Basque pig or piebald pig. The Kintoa pig is a black Basque pig raised in accordance with the specifications of the Kintoa AOC.


Born and bred on farms in the Basque Country, Basque pigs give a tender and tasty meat. We recommend that you cook it pink.


In the ancient kingdom of Navarre, straddling the French and Spanish sides of the Basque Country, the Aldudes valley and Kintoa form the Land of Quint or Quinto real. It is said to have been named "Kintoa" after the tax that the kings levied on the pigs that came there in transhumance from all over the Basque Country.

Born in the Aldudes valley, the AOC Kintoa has given back its letters of nobility to Basque pig farming and has saved this breed from extinction. One of the secrets of Kintoa is the time devoted to both rearing and curing the pigs to obtain a Basque product of exceptional quality.


Our Basque butcher's shop allows you to enjoy Kintoa pork anywhere in France (except Corsica) in the form of fresh meat, various cured meats and cold cuts. Choose your piece of Kintoa pork, we prepare your parcel and send it to you in the respect of the cold chain with Chronofresh. If you place your order before 1pm, it will be delivered to you the next day before 1pm. Nothing could be simpler with your online Basque butchery Freskoa.

Kintoa pork loin

The meat of the Kintoa pork loin is redder and more marbled than other cuts of pork. Cooked, braised or roasted, its marbling makes it a tasty and tender meat, a real treat.

Kintoa pork loin

Leaner and lighter in colour than their cousins cut from the loin, Kintoa pork chops require a gentler cooking, either in a pan or grilled after a possible marinade.

Kintoa pork tenderloin

The Kintoa pork tenderloin is a choice item in any Basque butcher's shop. It is tender, not very fatty and can be cooked in a variety of ways: pan-fried, baked or braised. Cooked whole or in medallions, its very fine flesh will delight both young and old.

Kintoa pork sausage

Who doesn't have childhood memories of a family meal over a dish of mashed sausages? The flavour and juiciness of Kintoa pork sausages will transport you back to your childhood. Even more so if you dig a little pit in the homemade mash to pour in a little of the succulent juice.

Kintoa pork sausage

This is our favourite dish. Accompanied by apples or mashed potatoes, we love to enjoy a pork sausage cooked over the open fire. The crispy skin and the melting flesh make the Kintoa pork pudding one of our Proust's madeleines. Try it, and we'll tell you all about it!