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Gourmet Gift Box - Basque products

Basque gift box


Gourmet Basque Gift Box

In this collection you will find some Basque gift ideas for Christmas or any other occasion with a gourmet Basque gift box for sweet and savoury lovers, a chocolate gift box made by a master chocolate maker who works with cocoa beans, a gourmet Basque gift box with Basque condiments made by star chefs from the Basque Country, a gourmet Basque olive oil gift box prepared by a producer ranked among the 100 best olive oil producers in the world, a gourmet Basque organic gift box made from Basque organic farm products, a sweet gourmet Basque gift box containing delicacies made by a former pastry chef of a 3 Michelin star restaurant, not forgetting our gourmet Basque wine gift boxes and our gourmet Basque brandy gift boxes

Sweet Basque gift box

A Basque gift box containing 4 sweet treats prepared by Stéphane, our favourite pastry chef.

Composition of the sweet gourmet Basque gift box

The sweet gourmet Basque gift box is composed of 4 artisanal products: 1 packet of Basque shortbread, 1 packet of Bixkotxa, 1 bag of mixed caramels and a jar of original jam.

Gourmet Basque gift box

A Basque gift box containing several iconic handcrafted products from the Basque Country. You will travel with this gourmet Basque gift box through the 7 provinces of the Basque Country, between Hegolade, the southern Basque country on the Spanish side, and Iparralde, the northern Basque country on the French side.

Composition of the Gourmet Basque Gift Box

Espelette PDO chilli pepper, Añana salt, Lodosa DO piquillo peppers, Navarre DO asparagus, jam, white tuna belly, caramels, shortbread, Bayonne chocolate... make up this gourmet Basque gift box

Gourmet Basque gift box with Basque condiments

A Basque gift box containing 3 Basque condiments prepared by three star chefs from the Basque Country: Xavier Isabal, star chef in Aihnoa, Andrée Rosier, star chef and MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) in Biarritz, and David Ibarboure, star chef in Guethary.

Composition of the gourmet gift box Basque condiments

This gourmet gift set of Basque condiments includes a ketchup created by the starred chef Xavier Isabal, from the restaurant Ithurria, in Ainhoa.A watermelon and tomato confit: Andrée Rosier and her husband Stéphane, from the Michelin-starred restaurant "Les Rosiers" in Biarritz, have created this original recipe; a spread: David Ibarboure, from the restaurant Briketenia in Guéthary, has revisited the piperade to make an ideal condiment for the aperitif.

Basque chocolate gift box

You will find a chocolate made by hand in Bayonne with pure origin beans in this gourmet gift box. A delight for lovers of dark chocolate

Composition of the Basque chocolate gift box

This gourmet gift box is composed of 54 tasting squares with 6 pure origin chocolates: Sao Tomé, Peru, Ecuador, Uganda, Papua and Java.

Basque olive oil gift box - tasting

With this Basque gift box you can taste 6 different varieties of organic extra virgin olive oil grown in the Netherlands. A top-of-the-range organic oil that has won awards worldwide.

Composition of the Basque olive oil gift box

In this Basque gift box you will find the varieties: Arbequina / Arbosana / Arróniz / Coupage / Koroneiki / Manzanilla Cacereña". The entire Artajo 10 range is offered in this gourmet olive oil gift box for a tasting of top-of-the-range olive oil, our best organic extra virgin olive oil that will certainly delight the greatest gourmets.

Organic Basque box

We have selected for you the products of the Biotzeko farm in the Basque Country. These are organic farm products prepared by hand. This organic gourmet gift box will immerse you in the Basque country. The farm is located not far from Bastide Clairence, one of the most beautiful villages in France.

Composition of the Organic Basque Gift Box

The organic gourmet gift box is composed of 3 organic farm products: a jar of AXOA of organic farm veal with organic sweet peppers from Anglet, a verrine of organic Basque farm pork loin and a verrine of organic Basque farm pork blood sausage.

Basque wine gift box

A selection of the best wines from the Basque country for gourmets and gourmands. Our wooden wine boxes of one, two or three bottles will take you on a journey to the Basque Country through different Basque wine appellations and will accompany your favourite dishes.

Composition of the wine gift set

For each of the gourmet gift boxes you will find one of the nuggets of each appellation of origin of the Basque Country. A top-of-the-range Basque gift box in a wooden case that will make a perfect Christmas gift for wine lovers and enthusiasts.

Eau de vie gourmet box

Find here the iconic eaux de vie of the Basque Country with in particular the williams Brana pear eau de vie. Gift box available in cardboard, metal and wood depending on the brandies and digestives.

Composition of the Eau de vie Basque gift box

You can offer a Basque gift box for Brana pear brandy, Marc de raisin brandy from Irouleguy, a wooden gift box for Brana pear carafe, and a metal box for Espelette chilli gin.

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