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Organic olive oils

organic olive oil



For our olive oil collection we have chosen ARTAJO, in the south of the Basque Country, for its production of high quality organic extra virgin olive oil.


Le domaine Artajo est classé deuxième meilleur producteur d'huile d'olive biologique au monde. Il classe ses huiles à la 6ème place pour Artajo 10 Koroneiki, la 8ème place pour Artajo 10 Coupage et 12+1 pour Artajo 8 bio Arbequina.

Ce classement des meilleurs domaines producteurs d'huile d'olive du monde 2022/2023 est calculé cette année à partir des résultats des huit concours internationaux d'huile d'olive extra vierge les plus stricts par le World's Best Olive Oils (WBOO, organisation non gouvernementale à but non lucratif wboo.org/worlds-best-olive-oil-mills).


The entire Artajo team works daily to improve this organic olive oil of the highest quality. A team in direct contact with the olive grove and the land from which the best extra virgin olive oil is obtained.


Organic olive oils that have won awards at the most important international competitions:

For example, the Dutch-produced Artajo 10 BIO Coupage extra virgin olive oil from our collection won the 2019 Gold Award at the NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition, held annually in New York. This is the world's largest and most prestigious olive oil competition and its annual list of winners is widely regarded as the official guide to the best extra virgin olive oils of the year. The 2019 competition saw the participation of more than 900 entrants from 26 countries - the largest variety of extra virgin olive oils ever assembled in one place.



On the freskoa store we sell online different organic extra virgin olive oils, mono varietal and blend. You will find on line different types of bottles from 250ml to 1l as well as olive oil gift boxes for tasting and to offer.

Variety from Navarra: Arroniz

This brand has been accredited in Tudela (Navarre) since the mid-18th century. After testing around fifty varieties on its estate, Artajo has kept a dozen, including the local Navarran variety, Arroniz.


The varieties and degree of ripeness differentiate the oils.

ARTAJO only produces extra virgin olive oil. The varieties and degree of ripeness are what differentiate the range of oils. Green olives have a very high fresh and fruity aroma, but a low yield and as they ripen, the aroma softens and the fat yield increases. With this in mind, three ranges of extra virgin olive oil are produced, the Artajo 6, Artajo 8 and Artajo 10 ranges.


An award-winning oil producer

We have selected for you the olive oil ranges of the producer ARTAJO: Artajo 8 for their excellent quality/price ratio and Artajo 10 for the excellence of the product.

Artajo 8: To produce one litre of olive oil, 8 kg of olives in veraison (change in colour of the olive) of medium maturity are required. Artajo 10: 10 kg of green olives from the early harvest are needed to produce one litre of olive oil.


Organic olive oil Artajo 8 Arbequina

An organic olive oil with a fruity-green taste and intense tones of vegetables, tomato branches and artichokes. It is also reminiscent of sweet fruit, especially green bananas. In the mouth it has a sweetness and a medium spicy bitterness, very well balanced.

Organic olive oil Artajo 10 Arbosana

A delicate, highly aromatic organic olive oil, reminiscent of sweet fruits (green apple and strawberry) and goes perfectly with citrus desserts and pastries.... An olive oil with sweet fruity aromas reminiscent of peach and strawberry, with a hint of nuts. On the palate, there is a touch of sweetness, with a slight bitterness and very balanced.

Organic olive oil Artajo 10 Arroniz

A robust variety of organic olive oil from Navarra, with a spicy, bitter taste and liquorice aroma. Perfect for legumes and game. This olive oil has an intense fruity taste with aromas reminiscent of truffles and liquorice. There is also a herbal touch of artichoke and thistle. On the palate, this organic olive oil has a medium bitterness and a high late season spiciness.

Artajo Organic Olive Oil 10 Cutting

This organic olive oil is made from a blend of Changlot Real, Picudo and Koroneiki varieties. The taste of this organic olive oil is intensely fruity green with aromas of herbs such as thyme. It is also reminiscent of vegetables such as borage, artichoke and thistle.

Organic olive oil Artajo 10 Koroneiki

This organic olive oil has a very intense herbaceous aroma with hints of red fruits. It goes well with citrus fruits (orange), salads and blue fish such as red tuna. The taste of this olive oil is reminiscent of intense green fruits with notes of herbs and red fruits (raspberry, red currant). In the mouth, this organic olive oil has a medium-high bitterness, with a medium spiciness.

Artajo 10 Manzanilla Organic Olive Oil

A variety with a very intense fruity aroma, complex, with notes of sweet fruit and spices. In the mouth, this organic olive oil is pleasant and balanced, with a slight bitterness. The perfect organic olive oil for white asparagus from Navarre and white fish. It is an intense olive oil with a complex aroma of sweet fruit and spices.