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Patxaran (in Basque) or Pacharan (in Spanish) is an aniseed-based drink from Navarre, one of the provinces of the southern Basque country. It owes its name to the sloes - patxarana in Basque - , sometimes wild, used for its production. The sloes used for pacharan are small, about the size of a hazelnut, and are harvested in the autumn. One of the secrets of making patxaran comes from the varieties used but also from the ripeness of the fruit. 

How to make PATXARAN?

How is patxaran made? We won't tell you all the secrets of how to make your own homemade patxaran because it is a precious secret kept by all the families in the Basque country. To make it simple, the sloes of the pacharan are put to macerate several months in anisette (aniseed-flavored alcohol).

All good patxaran is unfiltered and does not contain artificial flavors or other colorings. The color and aroma obtained after maceration depend on the variety of sloes, the aniseed used and many other criteria related to the craftsmanship of the pacharan producer. 

Patxaran is traditionally aged in oak barrels for 3 to 6 months.

What is the composition of patxaran

Patxaran is made of wild sloes, water, sugar, alcohol and anise. The proportions vary according to the producers but globally. Some will add coffee or vanilla


When to drink patxaran?

Patxaran is best enjoyed at the end of a meal and is particularly appreciated for its digestive properties. Whether it is during family or festive meals, patxaran has a place of choice after lunches and dinners in the Basque Country; some people enjoy smoking a good cigar while tasting an artisanal patxaran...

How do you drink patxaran?

We recommend to drink your patxaran at a temperature of 11°C to reveal all its aromatic complexity without being too much on the alcohol. A tip is to chill the glass of pacharan and not to put ice which would lead to dilute the patxaran, sacrilege!



We propose you here a selection of the most emblematic patxaran of Navarre, the patxaran navarro, of Gipuzkoa but also of the Northern Basque Country the French Basque Country.

Artisanal patxaran from 3 Basque provinces: Navarra, Gipuzkoa and Labourd

In Navarra we offer you the Baines brand, an iconic brand of patxaran in Navarra that has been raising part of its patxaran in oak barrels, a traditional method since 1844. Another Navarrese patxaran, fresher, more powerful, reserved for parties with friends, we propose the patxaran Pamplonico. The Azanza patxaran, a traditional patxaran from Navarra, will soon complete our selection.

On the ocean side in the Basque province of Gipuzkoa, we propose the Olañeta pacharan. Finally, on the French side of the Northern Basque Country, the Egiazki patxaran.