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It's not Christmas yet, but it's time to enjoy it!

Sweet or savoury, treat yourself at gourmet prices!

Promotional offers valid while stocks last

These products are offered to you at a very low price because their DDM is either short or slightly exceeded; it would be a shame not to take advantage of them because they are still very good! And so good that you will probably have finished them long before...

Information service-public.fr : DDM - DLC

There are two categories of expiry dates for food products: the use-by date (DLC) and the date of minimum durability (DDM), which replaces the use-by date (DLUO). Only exceeding the best-before date poses a health risk. The date of minimum durability of products is preceded by the words " Best before..." when the date includes the indication of the day. Sale of products with an expired MDD: A product may be offered for sale with an expired MDD. The purpose of labelling foodstuffs with a date of minimum durability (DDM) is to inform the consumer of the date until which the foodstuffs retain their organoleptic, physical, nutritional and taste qualities, etc. Provided that their packaging has not been tampered with, foodstuffs with an expired MDD can be safely consumed by the consumer.