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Salt of the Basque Country

Sal anana



We have selected for you the Añana saltpans in the province of Alava (Araba) and the Oro saltpans (Tierre d'Estella) in the province of Navarre (Nafarroa).

Sal de Añana

Produced naturally using traditional techniques, it is considered by top chefs and experts to be "one of the best salts in the world".

Origin and production of salt

The salt of the Añana Salt Valley is totally pure, as it comes from an ancient sea, more than 200 million years ago.

Añana salt is the result of the natural evaporation of salt water from the springs in the Salado Valley.

Sal de Oro

Origin and development

The saltworks are very old and are characterised by the traditional production of salt with spring water drawn from the foothills of the Urbasa and Andía Natural Park to the west of Pamplona.

Flower of salt

The fleur de sel de Añana is very special, very different from the fleur de sel de Guérande or the île de ré for example. Indeed, its crystals are formed in scales. This fleur de sel is very popular with the starred chefs of the Basque Country.