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Eau De Vie de Marc de Raisin d'Irouleguy

Brana brandy | Basque digestive
Eau de vie de marc de raison | Brana, Basque digestive

Marc's brandy - Brana

Capacity : 50 cl
Alcohol content : 44°.
Water of life


Great aromatic power, very fruity, evolving on peppery notes!



Nose :
Powerful ripe grape marc. Notes of almond and candied fruit.


Mouth :

Great aromatic power, very fruity for a marc, evolving on spices (pepper). Dry at the beginning, finishing well fat, unctuous, long in the mouth


Final :
Intense, complex and long


To be consumed:
Temperature 5-6°C


Ideas for associations :
History: What is grape marc?
The eau de vie de marc is the result of the distillation of the solid parts of the berry (skin, pips, rest of the pulp trapped in the berry) after pressing and fermentation for the whites and after fermentation, draining and pressing for the reds


Pastry and brandy pairing:
The mango (mango crumble) goes perfectly with the grape marc brandy from the Brana estate.



The marc brandy is made from grapes grown on the Brana vineyard (AOP Irouleguy). The grape varieties used are : Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Tanat for the reds; Gros Manseng, Petit Manseng and Petit Courbu for the whites.



As soon as they leave the press, the marc is stored in an airtight place. In this way, the aromas are preserved in all their complexity. In order to find them in the eau de vie, the marcs are distilled very quickly. The distillation is carried out by separate grape varieties, in small batches. Then a judicious blend is determined in order to obtain a balanced and complex eau de vie.



The Marc brandy is aged in vats to preserve all the freshness of the fruit. The evolution of the esters is periodically observed until the moment of optimum maturity for bottling.



"Alcohol should not be consumed by pregnant women"

"The sale of alcohol to minors is forbidden

"Buyer certifies that he/she is of legal age and has legal capacity to purchase on this website."


Brana brandy | Basque digestive
Eau de vie de marc de raison | Brana, Basque digestive